Frequently Asked Questions.

Who you are?

We are Rushing Attack Apparel. Why? Who's asking?

Why do you sell the items you sell? 

College football is awesome. Cool shirts are awesome. We like to get awesome.

Where you are located?

Scattered around Florida where we commit increasingly bizarre crimes. 

How long you have been in business?

We are pretty new to this "business" thing. Technically the idea started around 2012 and took a couple of years to really get going. 

Do you sell wholesale?

Most of our products are available for wholesale. Contact us for details. 

What is Direct to Garment (DTG) printing, and why do you use it?

DTG is the process of printing on textiles via inkjet technology. It uses specialized printers and inks to print the design directly on to the fibers.  We use this technology because we want the greatest fidelity of our designs on the shirts, something that would be more complex and costly using traditional screen printing techniques.

Why are most of your designs printed on American Apparel shirts?

We're fans of a nice modern fit and soft cotton. The fact that their garments are made in the good ol' USA is pretty nice too.

What teams do y'all root for? 

A. I feel like this is a trap, but here it goes: Arkansas, Florida, Florida, and Florida. (Please don't hold that against us.) We probably hate our respective teams more than you do. Ultimately, we love college football more than anything else. 

Are you on Facebook? 

Yep: Facebook.com/RushingAttack
We are also on Pinterest and Twitter.

How secure is your website?

We use a 256-bit SSL certificate (same level of security used by banks).