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Episode 31: We’re Back & We Brought Beer May 08, 2017 21:00

We were forced to take a short break, Jason got a new job and Brian moved across town and it was just too hard to get our schedules to sync up, but now we're back at it, and we've got a really good episode. 

This week Scott and I (Jason) get ghosted by Brian, but it's okay because we are joined by Dave from New Belgium Brewing. Scott has known Dave for over 20 years, and for a while they were both in the central Florida hardcore / metalcore band Dragbody  Dave takes on a beerventure, where we get to try some new, some hard to find, and some just plain good New Belgium beers. 



On this episode we got to drink (and learn a bit about) an assortment of New Belgium beers:

We also got to try a couple of specialty ales from New Belgium's "Lips of Faith Series":  

  • Tart Lychee Wood-Aged Sour Ale
  • Clutch Wood-aged Imperial Sour Stout 

All of the beers were delicious. 

Later in the episode we find out about New Belgium teaming up with Colorado State University to develop the Old Aggie Superior Lager, which we're going to need some of as soon as it is available. We then take a swing at answer questions originally asked of sex advice columnist, Dan Savage. We talk about being old hardcore dudes, 

Over all this episode was slightly different than normal because we mostly stayed on topic and provide you, the listener, with accurate, presumably information. It also ended up being one of our favorite episodes. 

Be sure to check out Dave's new band at and drink lots of New Belgium. 

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Episode 30: Paracord Dreamcatcher April 23, 2017 23:16

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This week we're joined by special guest EJ. We talk about USF football, break down the pros and cons of the group of five holding their own championship game, nonsense NCAA recruiting stats, the first female football scholarship recipient, Chandler Basha's Becca Longo, and talk about how Georgia Tech fans might be sick of Russell Athletic.

We smoothly pivot to the weirdness that is Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Movie, Alex Jones and his claim that he is a performance artists, George W Bush visiting Vero Beach and how he doesn't seem so bad in retrospect. We do nothing to solve the complex and very serious problem of Gerrymandered congressional districts, Jason talks about waking up to a possible Red Dawn scenario and how excited he is about Everclear playing in Fort Pierce, we then talk about the Trump kids (we only forgot about 2 of them!), we continue to be obsessed with Chuck Tingle, we talk about how the Brave Wall Street Girl staring down the Wall Street Bull is a little more complicated than it seems, we briefly talk about money in politics, the Florida's 2018 gubernatorial candidates, and finish the episode talking about watching the Florida Fire Frogs lose to the St Lucie Mets at Historic (and in need of a renovation) Dodgertown.

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Episode 29: Apparently We’re Just a Wrestling Podcast Now. April 15, 2017 16:40

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Before we get into the show notes, I just want to make a quick request: Please be sure to rate and review us on your podcasting platform of choice, and please please please, share us with your friends. Thank you! 


This week we is more like free form jazz, we start off the show like anyone would -- we discuss pawing the Million Dollar Man's championship belt, we work on our Paul Bearer impressions, we suggest alternatives to Epocot's drinking around the world, we answer the important question: jorts or euro-capris? We talk about the endless possibilities of sneaking drinks into a summer music festival in a Camelback, we briefly talk about Florida's Spring Game and the QB situation and how it could look like the offense of a notorious former SEC head coach. We introduce Brian to internet huckster and snake -excuse me- coconut oil salesman David Avocado Wolf, and then we round out the show by talking about the Florida Fire Frogs Baseball, be stings, calf cramps, some more Fire Frogs, and how scary and weird it is to get let go from a job after 11 years. 


Episode 28: #1 Erotic College Football Fan-Fiction Podcast April 07, 2017 20:58

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This week we hash out our latest million dollar idea: Erotic College Football Head Coach fan-fiction, we explore the world of Chuck Tingle and the need for a Chuck Tingle masterworks coffee table book, we talk about ring tone impulse buys, the infinite possibilities of the multi-verse, meme economy, Jason exposes the boys to Anna Storelli's restaurant outburst, college football spring games, we talk about the graduate transfer roadblock Florida is facing with Malik Zaire, we officially get on board the Florida Fire Frogs bandwagon, we talk MLB and minor league teams, burning interns for personal gain.


And then we try and talk about WrestleMania, The Undertaker, Jake the Snake Roberts, Brutus the Barber Beefcake, the good old days of WWE/WWF Wrestling and the trauma of seeing Jake the Snake Roberts DDTing Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat on the concrete floor. We then naturally, and flawlessly, transition to talking about Reddit's Place art experiment, then we listen to some Kendrick Lamar's Humble, Blame Candy, the new Body Count, we discus our dislike of most things Jack White, and then we just kind of play random songs from the Judgment Night soundtrack. #UglyKnees

Episode 27: Come on, Man! Scott’s Got Bills to Pay. March 28, 2017 13:05

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Due to scheduling conflicts and limited time to edit, we have a super double secret missing episode. I mean, it isn't actually missing, but it isn't online. I mean, it is sort of on line - you can watch the video of it on our Facebook page. You're sort of actually listening to episode 28. Keep an eye out for the REAL episode 27 where we are all really drunk and it goes off the rails. ANYHOW.

This week we talk about the same things we always talk about: The High Court with Doug Benson, jazz cabbage, college football, college basketball, college baseball, Donald Trump's phoney invoices, local crazy person Rick Wiles and TruNews, USB steaks cookers, room temperature shelf shrimp, Chic-fil-A is delicious, the impracticality of corpse eating robots, we break down Bleacher Report's top whatever overrated college football list, we try and fix hyperinflation in foreign countries, being harassed for donations by political parties and homeless people. #megadong

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Episode 26: We Talk Real Good ‘Cause We’re Smart & Stuff March 08, 2017 19:24

This week we're joined by our Norwegian friend, Dag, and subject him to EXTREME VETTING a bunch of inside jokes. We talk about Tila Tequila's spiral into a desperate plea for attention from conspiracy dipshits and illuminati nudes. We discuss Arian Foster's wolf fighting tweets, and we talk about how we too could take a wolf 1 on 1. Also, we want to fight old white people.


We talk about Barack Obama using his Oburner phones to "tapp" Donald Trump's phone calls. We find out which french fries are the best french fries. We find out a lot about Arizona gubernatorial candidate Noah Dyer. Scott discovers The Avett Brothers, we listen to some new Mastodon, and then we stumble into college football via Rutgers', FAU, FIU, K-State and Bill Snyder. And we close out with the 10 Second Songs cover of Chop Suey in the style of Ghost. Enjoy!


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Episode 25: We Got Paid By Ole Miss & All We Got Was This Stupid Podcast March 08, 2017 19:15


This week Brian is out and it's all thanks to Amazon literally breaking the internet, we try and listen to Donald Trump's address to the joint session, we talk about Ole Miss players making stacks of money, we talk about the role of the NCAA in the wake of Penn State, Miami, Ole Miss, and now Baylor. Somehow we move on to home improvements shows like Flip or Flop, Fixer Upper, Flipping Vegas and how do borderline unemployed home buyers afford $500,000 homes? Then we discuss the rise and fall of Bar Rescue, the Confederate Flag and my new favorite YouTube channel, the Nicki Minaj Vs. Remy Ma beef, YouTube clickbait, and then we digress into reading our spam email. 



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Episode 24: Donald Trump’s Suits Don’t Fit Because He Has The Shoulders of a 14 Year Old Girl With Scoliosis February 22, 2017 19:15

This week has got it all:

  • Bill Maher's interview with Miley Dopplepopolis
  • Disney's decision to drop PewDiePie
  • The return of the mack Zima
  • Clear Pepsi cocktails
  • Taxing robots
  • The modest lifestyle of Vladimir Putin
  • Taxing the lizard people 
  • The Jewish banker/lizard people hierarchy
  • Flat Earth conspiracies and the undue influence of Big Globe
  • Elon Musk's suggestion that this is all a simulation and if we are in a simulation Scott wants to know why he didn't get a better avatar
  • Brian shows us basketball player dicks on Snapchat
  • We try and figure out YouTube Celebs and Twitch streamers
  • Chance the rappers plan to destroy Ticketmaster and scalpers
  • and a bunch of other random things that come up along the way. 


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Episode 23: George Soros Paid Us To Attack A Local Celebrity February 22, 2017 19:10

Scott is back! This week talk a little more about the Super Bowl, Falcons hiring Sark, Patriots players not attending the white house, Trump's handshake, LeGarrette Blount punching Donald Trump, t-shirts that don't fit properly, how fat baseball players are, Chad Kelly's eyebrows, Alabama football recruiting, Nick Saban punching Charlie Weis' gut, arena league football, This Was The XFL, Utah, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, the attack on public lands, we try and figure how to get that sweet sweet George Soros protester money, Obama burner phones, a TON of other things and then we spend way too much time talking about some local radio hack named Rhett Palmer.




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Episode 22: Straight Whisky Was a Bold Choice - #DorothyLynch February 10, 2017 19:00

Sorry we're late!

This week Jason and Brian are joined by "Ray Ray" while Scott is home sick. I'll be honest, there isn't a lot of structure here.

We mostly ramble about the Super Bowl, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, John Kasich, mouth kissing Cory Booker, Ted Cruz Porn (and Ted Cruz fetishists), PornHub comments, The Santa Clarita Diet, nature, can I bring 2 shoes on Naked & Afraid?, exploring Utah's National Parks and Monuments, Joe Rogan's constant yelling, Dorothy Lynch Homestyle Dressing and how much it would cost to completely sell out.



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Rushing Attack Podcast | Episode 21: The Single Best Podcast We Have Ever Recorded. Period. February 02, 2017 10:29


After a short hiatus caused by Jason's trip to Utah, and the critically acclaimed musical LA LA Land, we're back to talk about Lane Kiffin getting everyone hyped, National Signing Day, Baylor's latest legal issues (and how even talking about it makes us trolls), Jason thinks he knows food as well as Guy Fieri, we dig, briefly, into Die Antwoord's history, and get side tracked along the way. It's Episode 21 and it is everything you've ever wished for in a podcast. Period.  


Roll that beautiful bean footage:


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Rushing Attack Podcast | Episode 20: So... What Kind of Music Do You Like? January 18, 2017 20:17

Oh, you know. I listen to everything. 

On Episode 20, Jason turns 36, the cake says 35, and we pick the top 15 songs/albums that influenced our respective teenage years. 


  • The Strokes - Hard to Explain -- Is This It
  • Cursive - The Recluse -- The Ugly Organ 
  • Weezer - The Good Life -- Pinkerton
  • Aphex Twin - Heliosphan -- Selected Ambient Works 85-92
  • 311 - Omaha Style -- Grassroots
  • Sponge - Plowed -- Rotting Pinata
  • New Radicals - You get what you give -- Maybe You've Been Brainwashed Too
  • Saves The Day - Handsome Boy -- Can't Slow Down
  • Outkast - So Fresh, So Clean - Stankonia
  • As Friends Rust - Coffee Black - S/T
  • Morrissey - National Front Disco -- Your Arsenal
  • Fishbone - Servitude -- Give a Monkey a Brain and He'll Swear He's the Center of the Universe
  • Rollins Band - Low Self Opinion -- End of the Silence
  • NOFX - S&M Airlines - S&M Airlines
  • Snapcase - Drain Me - Lookinglasself


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